Anna Schäfer Edwards, M.S., M.B.A.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

11011 Sheridan Street, # 211
Cooper City FL 33026

Proud Member of TherapyDen
Anna Schäfer Edwards

About Anna

I obtained my Masters’s degree in Family Therapy and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.  I have different work experiences: I spent 20 years in the business sector.  I have also helped individuals with substance abuse issues and mental health diagnoses.  I have also volunteered with children in the Promise program for Broward County Public Schools.  I now specialize in


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Relationship Therapy for Couples and Individuals

I help clients improve their relationships.

Hey there! My name is Anna Schäfer Edwards and I help individuals, couples and families understand themselves better.

My clients have all sorts of questions such as: “why does my partner act this way?”,  or “why do I react like this?”.  They have tried to solve problems on their own but things are not turning around fast enough.  They are simply stuck.

My mission is to help you move forward in life.

I spent most of my professional career helping companies.  I now help individuals and that is pretty fulfilling.  I do like what I do and I hope you and I are a good fit for one other.

You took the first step to seek help by checking me out so far.  Allow me to continue on this journey with you.  I hope you want to give it a try.

Talk to you soon,



Couples Therapy

As a Relationship Therapist, I see Couples in my practice and couples therapy is one of my specialties. I offer partners of all demographics, culture, and age the opportunity to repair their union.  May be you are 

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You are experiencing anxious feelings but you don’t know why. You know something is off but are unsure of where to start to address it.

Or perhaps you have always suffered from anxiety and you have

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Emotional Eating

Have you noticed that when you dieted in the past, the first days or weeks were quite easy but somehow you fell off the plan and you were not able to finish the program?

You got frustrated and 

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Terapia em Português

Há inúmeras razões pelas quais a comunidade Brasileira procura ajuda de saúde mental ou emocional. Pode ser por casamento intercultural, problemas de opressão por ocasião de status imigratório, 

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