I believe that everyone can change at any time in their lives.  We never stop learning and growing so there’s no limit to anyone’s capacity.  I don’t focus too much on diagnosis as I prefer to focus on people’s strengths.  As a child, I grew up in a not so desired environment, but I did not allow that to define me and I moved on.  Today I work to improve my anxiety and my insecurities around my personality.   I experienced a panic attack about a year ago and have made so many positive changes!  I can share my story with you if it will help you.  I don’t discriminate against anyone. I have many friends in different religions, cultures and demographics.  If you want to learn more about how I can help you, shoot me a message.

If you must know about my credentials:

– Master in Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University
– Master in Business Administration at Nova Southeastern University
– Bachelors in International Relations at Florida Atlantic University

Other trainings:

Certified Solution Focused Coach, Gottman Level 1, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Aerospace Quality Auditor


– I speak 4 languages fluently. I lived in 4 countries. I will not be shocked by anything you tell me, most likely I have seen it, lived it or heard it.

Business background:

– I have 20 years experience in Management working for aerospace companies in different roles, mostly related to continuous improvement and lean methodologies.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation to see if we’re a good fit for one another. I’m here for you.

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