Depression is a crippling, pervasive, devastating and wildly common in today’s society. Some people may have told you to “pull yourself together” and might have underestimated your suffering because they do not understand how it really impacts you.

Maybe you suffer from “every day depression”, where you feel sad, in a couple of days you feel good, and that is not the worse kind of depression out there. Maybe you suffer from “reactive depression”, due to the fact that you are experiencing a big loss, or unemployment. It is lasting weeks but there’s a good chance that you will recover soon once the reason why you are feeling this way is improved.

But maybe it’s a bit more than that. Some individuals have the same every day depression or situational depression but they are unable to recover. Weeks and months have passed and you are still in a state where you can’t get our of bed or simply feel any kind of pleasure. This is major depression and it’s best described as a biological disorder with a genetic component.

You cannot take pleasure in simple things in life, where you once could. You have severe guilt and you are grieving for a long time. You have considered self-injury. You are exhausted, you can’t even do the laundry.

You have problem sleeping or you wake up really early. Your appetite has decreased but you seek to eat comfort food, making you heavier than desired.

You are turning an aggression inwards, so your stress responses are turned on more frequently. You have no control over the situation you are in, or control over your life and your choices. You feel hopeless.

Let me help you regardless of which kind of depression you are encountering.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone call so we can see if we are a good fit to work together. Let’s move to the next step ASAP because life is happening.

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