Anna Schäfer Edwards, M.S., M.B.A.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

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Emotional Eating

Have you noticed that when you dieted in the past, the first days or weeks were quite easy but somehow you fell off the plan and you were not able to finish the program?

You got frustrated and blamed yourself for not being able to resist temptations. You were also dealing with a personal problem, your love life, your work or otherwise. Food calmed you down and as a result, you gained more weight. And you can’t keep it off. You have different reasons to lose weight: it is a health concern, it’s a body image concern or it’s just a few pounds you wish to ditch.

Emotions and food are a dangerous combination. It doesn’t help that our food chain in the US is filled with unhealthy choices. Add a sedentary lifestyle, an inability to follow a diet and throw some personal problems into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

Then the next diet fad comes along. It’s déjà vu all over again.

Cognitive Therapy (a.k.a. CBT) can help you be more successful. It teaches you several skills including how to follow a diet (any diet you wish), how to resist tempting food, how to discern hunger from craving and most of all, how not to turn to food for comfort when you are dealing with negative emotions.

I provide individual therapy to deal with anxiety, as well as a weight loss program. I also host therapy in groups which are very powerful and very cost-effective. Whichever way you chose, let us work together to change the way you think.

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