Individual Therapy

Do you offer virtual therapy as well as in person?

Yes, during COVID-19 time, I am able to offer telehealth in case you are not comfortable coming in person.  You must be located in the state of Florida.

What if I don't like therapy?

It can happen.  Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.  You are in charge of your treatment.  If you want to stop it,  you can let me know by text, phone, email.  I will not engage in questioning you why you want to stop.  

I have never done therapy before. What can I expect?

In a nutshell, this is the process:

1) We will have a 15-minute call to discuss the issue of concern so I can see if I am a good fit for you; if not a good fit, I can refer you to someone else;

3) If you want to book with me, I will need your email so I can send you a link to my client portal.  You will electronically sign all my documents there;

4) Before the start of the first session, I will ask you for a phone number to send you an invitation by text from an app called Ivy Pay.  You will put your credit card information through this app and I will not store your credit card information.  This is a secure, HIPAA compliant transaction at no additional cost to you;

5) After the first session is done, you will decide if you want to continue booking future sessions.

Couples & Group Therapy

How long does therapy last?

For couples, it is recommended that we have a minimum of 8 sessions.  If the couple is in crisis, they come more often in the beginning, and then they can space out the sessions if they choose.  Some couples make different decisions, it all depends on each case and so many different factors (available time, partner motivation, finances, etc).  You end therapy anytime you want.

What if my partner does not want to attend?

This is very common.  Some partners are not as motivated to participate.   Couples therapy is more efficient and more economical (requires fewer sessions) when both attend sessions, however, you can benefit from individual work as well.

How long does a couple session last?

The first session can last up to 90 minutes.  Then subsequent sessions will be for 50 minutes.  There’s no additional cost for the first 90 minutes session.

How do you conduct group sessions?

At this time, for the safety of clients and the therapist, I am only conducting it via Zoom.

What if I don't want to share in groups?

There is no requirement to share if you don’t feel comfortable.  Most people, once they get to know one another, benefit from sharing and enjoy participating in a supportive role to their peers. 

How Do I Get Started?


Free 15 Min Chat

Let’s have a brief initial conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other.  You can ask me anything you want.

Book Appointment

I am currently accepting new clients.  At this time, my available hours are after 5:30 PM.  Some Saturdays are available.

1st Session!

Before the first session, you will be directed to my client portal where you can sign all documents electronically!