Group Therapy

Cost-effective and Community Based

*Due to Covid-19, we are not offering new groups*

Brain lightbulb - about the mind

Emotional Eating

In this group, we support members who are overeating as a result of negative feelings.  This is not a group like Overeaters Anonymous.  This is also not a group to discuss diets.  The facilitator approaches this topic in the context of an anxiety disorder.  This group is facilitated in Portuguese.

Brain lightbulb - about the mind

Entrepreneurship for Women

In this group, we support women who are going through difficulties in managing their small business.  We address family support, systemic support, gender issues, and we also provide resources so they can become more informed and improve their self-esteem.  This group is facilitated in Portuguese.

Why Groups Can Be Very Beneficial

Cost Effective

Peer Support

Don't need to share to benefit

Meet others like you

Specific number of sessions

Multiple sources of learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people to a group?

Research indicates, between 8-12 members is best, and this is what I try to do. 

What if I don’t like to share?

You can still benefit from listening to others.  You are given an opportunity to share and will be encouraged to share. Some people jump in but others are quieter.  You are never put on the spot for preferring to just listen.

How do you prevent others who talk too much?

I have led several groups in my career.  Sometimes group members get upset with people who overshare or monopolize the time.  I have group rules and I ensure that everyone is given equal time.

How much does it cost?

The cost is an average of $15-$20 per session.  Sessions last 90 minutes.

How about confidentiality?

What happens in the group, should stay in the group.  Group members are very supportive of one another and the group facilitator explains everything about confidentiality to the members.  We want this to be a very good experience for all.

What if I don’t want to continue?

You drop out with no questions asked.