Working with Couples

You have problems at work, so your problems are coming home and into your relationship. You have tried to solve problems by yourself or together with your significant other but those solutions did not work.

You decided it’s time to find a therapist to help you figure out what to do because of how things are escalating and impacting your job, children and even your health.

You’re not sure if you wish to remain together. Symptoms such as communication, advice flowing in from everywhere, finances, sex life, in-laws and unwanted habits are forming and are getting in the way of your sanity.

Maybe you don’t recognize this person lying next to you; your partner is so different from the one you met and cared so much about.

You feel you have turned into roommates.

Maybe your partner wants to come to therapy, maybe not, but at least one of you realized that it’s time to seek outside help.

I can help you bring up what prevents both of you from having a great partnership and put some actions in place to turn the current situation around.

I want you to restore that expectation you had when you decided to get married and before things changed.

I want to help you do whatever is best for both of you. If you think this information is important to you, I was once divorced and I’ve been in my second marriage. I have one child.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation so we can see if we are a good fit to work together.

Let’s move to the next step ASAP because life is happening.

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