Anna Schäfer Edwards, M.S., M.B.A.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

11011 Sheridan Street, # 211
Cooper City FL 33026

Your spouse just told you they want a divorce?

So your spouse just dropped the bomb on you after so many years of being together.

You got hit with unexpected news and are so shocked, you are lost on where to go next.

What should you do?  What about the kids, the house, the health insurance?

So many thoughts start racing in your head.  Your mind is not clear and you can’t think straight.  You started to think about whether they have someone else, or where you failed as a partner.

Your mind is ruminating, your thoughts started to influence your work negatively.

If your mind is clear as mud and you are getting advice from family members or friends that you don’t feel comfortable with, this is not a good time to make any long term decisions.

What can be done now?

Speaking with a therapist is one good option right now.

As you contemplate the loss of a relationship, I can help you get to the state where you need to be.  Perhaps you need help making meaning out of the loss and separation.  Perhaps you need help going through this difficult phase because you still have feelings for your spouse and so many questions are coming to you, demanding your decisions and this is quite overwhelming.

Life is moving on, this is impacting your children’s lives, your job, and the bills keep coming.  This is a vulnerable moment,  let a therapist help you navigate through this stage of your life.

Schedule a free initial consultation to ensure you are making the right decisions for you and your family.